The Best Ab Workout for Brides!

Okay or anyone else who loves flowers, pastels, and pretty things while working out 🙂 We just launched the Blogilates Bridal Bootcamp and I could not have been happier with how everything turned out!

For a long time, you guys had been asking me about making some type of a Bridal series but I never felt comfortable doing that because well, it didn’t feel right – I wasn’t a bride yet! But FINALLY! This year Sam and I are getting married in the Fall! We have a date, a magical venue and are HARD CORE vendor interviewing right now! I thought wedding planning might get overwhelming but to be completely honest, I am enjoying it very much. I love visualizing, getting creative, making things look beautiful, and planning unique experiences so that people can have a good time! I am so on top of it that I have to send followup emails to vendors and planners to make sure they’re on top of their game. HAHAHA.

And to be clear, there is no sense of “Bridezilla-ness” here. I’m a freakin’ B.E.O. Bride Executive Officer! I know what I want and I will get it done. Add that to your vocab ladies!

Anyway! Here’s a GIF by GIF breakdown of the 10 moves in the first Bridal Bootcamp video, “Happily Ever After Abs”! It’s a 10 minute timed workout with NO BREAKS and NO EQUIPMENT. So set your timer and let’s go!


#1. Sit Up Heel Taps x 1 min

Notes: Keep your elbows wide as you crunch up! Keep your lower back on the floor as your heels go out.

#2. Alternating Single Leg Jackknives x 1 min

Notes: To modify, bend your knee and left halfway.

#3. Sprinter x 1 min

Notes: Try to touch your elbow to your knee! Make sure to alternate sides.

#4. Half Leg Lift and Drop x 1 min

Notes: Press your arms into the floor for stability. Switch sides at 30 seconds!

#5. Ballerina Sit Up x 1 min

Notes: Keep your heel lifted as your perform your sit up! Switch sides at 30 seconds.

#6. Eagle Crunch x 1 min

Notes: Try to touch your knees to your elbows.

#7. Candlestick Dipper Left x 1 min

Notes: Keep your chest facing forward! Do not look down.

#8. Candlestick Dipper Right x 1 min

Notes: Straighten the leg that you’re dipping away from and plant your foot into the mat for stability.

#9. Super Side Planker Right x 1 min

Notes: Cross your top foot over your bottom foot.

#10. Super Side Planker Right x 1 min

Notes: As you reach over your head, lift your bottom hip as high as possible!

If you feel like you want some company for these 10 minutes, then click on the video below and do “Happy Ever After Abs” with me on YouTube and make sure to subscribe so that you can be the first to know about each new workout release!

Also, big thanks my friends at Lovesome Blossoms and DJZ Productions for the INCREDIBLE floral display and draping you see in the backdrop! It smelled AMAZING while I was working out. I wish I could have bottled it up and uploaded the scent to YouTube for you click and smell. Hahaha. Anyway, check them out if you need creative designers for your wedding! They are located in Southern CA!

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An honest conversation about my struggle with food guilt + Ice Cream Giveaway!

Hey guys,

I’ve been known to be a difficult food orderer. I would be that one person to order a salad at a BBQ place…or that one person to order off the Skinnylicious Menu at The Cheesecake Factory. Ha. Yes, cue the eye roll.

For so many years, I’ve deprived myself of the joys of food. Why? So that I could be thinner. Because I once thought that skinnier meant happier. But when I got to my thinnest (which was 15 lbs lighter than I am now), I was actually my UNhappiest. I hated that I STILL had a soft lower belly. I hated that I STILL couldn’t see any ab lines. I hated that my boobs weren’t bigger. I hated that my butt was so flat. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was NEVER GOOD ENOUGH.

I looked at food like it was the enemy. I hated eating. Yet…why did I have to love it so much?

Every bite I took felt like a forbidden sin—like I was cheating on someone. I was overwhelmed with guilt, even when it was just a banana! I’d immediately go to the mirror, lift up my shirt, and check how it affected my “bloat.” Sigh. I was completely broken. My body was starving and I deprived it of what it screaming for.

And what ended up happening? My body rebelled. No matter how clean I ate, I KEPT GAINING WEIGHT. My body soaked up every ounce of every calorie like a dry sponge. So, I gave up on the dieting and just ate WHATEVER. Sugary things, fried things, buttery things. Problem was…eating “whatever” also made my body feel like whatever.

It became years of torment. No matter if I ate super clean or ate super crazy, I always felt guilty. Both ways. Because I never felt whole!

Fast forward to today.

After years of pushing myself to find peace with food and peace with my body, I am so happy to tell you that eating is no longer a torturous, emotional battle. I’ve discovered a way to be healthy, to be full, to satisfy my taste buds, and to erase the guilt out of my life. How? Well, I stopped treating food like a sin or like a reward. I made food an experience. I told myself that there was no point in feeling bad for eating something. Either choose to eat it or choose not to eat it. And if I ate it, enjoy it. If I didn’t enjoy it, then I didn’t need to have it again. Guilt was an extra emotion that was unnecessary and a complete waste of energy.

So, what do I actually eat these days? Everything! I eat what I know will make my soul happy and my body happy. What that usually means is that I stick to the foods that I know will give me energy to smash my workouts, like veggies, brown rice, and my choice of protein. Homemade summer rolls or salmon with brown rice and asparagus are faves of mine. Oh yeah, and lots of Sriracha y’all. And if I’m feeling like I wanna indulge a little to feed the soul, I’ll get a matcha boba drink or perhaps a milkshake or maybe a scoop of ice cream! I try not to get too crazy though because most desserts overdose with me with sugar, which immediately makes me break out.

Luckily though, not every dessert does that. There is such a thing as a “good for you dessert.” Sometimes I like to finish off my dinner with a fizzy kombucha, some fruit, a warm matcha latte, or a scoop of Enlightened Ice Cream! Wait hold on—have you tried ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream yet!?? OMG. Cuz if not… GIVEAWAY TIME at the end of this blog post!

You guys, I first started eating ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream a few years ago and was sooooo surprised to find how high protein, lower calorie, and low sugar it was compared to other ice cream brands. The best part of course was that it was creamy, sweet, and REALLY GOOD. There wasn’t anything about it that tasted diet-y! Plus, the flavors are always so innovative and fun! Check out these new ones:

My all time fave is French Toast. Check out the ingredients. Per serving, it’s only 70 calories, has 6g of protein, and 5g of sugar! It’s so cool what chefs and food scientists can do to make eating a tasty and healthy experience.

A “regular” French Vanilla ice cream comes in at around 130 calories, 2g of protein, and 14g of sugar. That is a HUGE difference. No wonder I break out after eating regular ice cream!

You guys, I REALLY want you to try ENLIGHTENED. You can find it at your local grocery store in the frozen aisle! Here’s a coupon I found on their website!

But guess what? I’m partnering with ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream for a giveaway just for POPsters! If you wanna win a box chock full of all the flavors you see above, freshly shipped straight to you frozen…then just comment on this blog post and tell me which flavor you’d wanna try most! Is it Movie Night, Cookies & Cream, S’mores, French Toast, or Glazed Donut?

Good luck! I will announce the winner next week on the blog! This is a US-only contest. (Sorry international POPsters, I don’t think a frozen box of ice cream can make it halfway around the world still cold…plus customs would be a disaster!) 1 comment = 1 entry! You can enter as many times as you want!

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